Seteney Creché & Kindergartens are in Levent

Children at preschool age, gaining skills for fulfilling their responsibilities, starting / completing a task, teamwork, using a proper and a polite language, desicion making by analyzing and evaluating the options when faced with problems, brings out the abilities which will be used throughout their entire life .

Seteney does not dictate to her children, she observes their abilities, offers options, gives responsibilities, respects their choices and cares of them one by one.

That’s why unlike the children of large schools with big walls,children of Seteneyare free little individuals, who can clearly express themselves in confidence.

Seteney cares about her children to return home happily after spending fun and joyful hours at school, also recognizes how important ages they are to build their future and develop training & education programs as well as projects according to this criteria.

We do: strive for innovation, are different, are dynamic, NOT like boring stuff and eat healthy.

Reasons to choose Seteney

Seteney’s working hours

        • Good news for working parents!”Flexible school hours” Seteney opens early, closes late. Whole year open including summer&winter holidays and spring break.

Seteney’s Food policy

      • Healthy meals cooked at school, Healthy menu’s under nutritionist control: Seteney, does not serve any food cooked out of schoolor frozen &cooked before and heated with microwave or ben marie heating. Meals are freshly cooked dailyat school before meal times and served right after by our cook. Also, daily food samples are taken and kept in fridge for a certain period of time. Seteney does not serve any other food (except birthday parties) that is not stated in the menus mailed to our families monthly. Food left a day before is never served at Seteney  Kalan yemekler ertesi gün servis edilmez.Special planning is done for students with food allergies.

Proffesional Support

      • Psychological Support: Seteney’s psychhologist observes students, prepares their developmental tests and organizes one to one parent meetings.
      • Hygiene and infection management under specialist nurse control.
      • Full & part time language assistants
      • Private security.
      • “Mom’s Corner” parent waiting room.

Transportation Policy

  • Seteney carries her children to their homes with her own schoolbusses with her own drivers Seteney knows how serious her responsibilty is. Unlike many schools, outsourcing transportation services of her students is against our principles.

Children with special needs

  • Seteney proudly welcomes to children with special needs to her school by delivering “shadow instructor” service.
Seteney School Paper (IN Turkish)

Her dil bir renk!
 Her dil bir renkİngilizce, Fransızca, Flamanca ve diğer kademeli dil modüllerimizle ilgili bilgi için bizi arayın * Özellikle farklı ülkelerde doğmuş, veya çift dilli ebeveynlere sahip çocukların kazanılmış dil yeteneklerini geliştirmeleri için okul tercihleri çok önemlidir. Çocuğunuzun anaokulunda özel bir dil eğitimi almasını istiyorsanız, gelin birlikte planlama yapalım. Sahip olduğu rengi parlak ve canlı tutalım!
Our Adresses
Seteney 1: Zambakli Sok no 31, 1.Levent, Beşiktaş, Istanbul Seteney 2: Çilekli Cad. No 26, 1.Levent, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

School Hours

Monday:7:30 - 18:00

Tuesday:7:30 - 18:00

Wednesday:7:30 - 18:00

Thursday:7:30 - 18:00

Friday:7:30 - 18:00

Saturday:Speacial Event Days

Sunday:Special Event Days

Our school is closed at weekends unless there is a special event. For weekend visits please take an appointment.

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